UCSD Extension releases ‘Hot Careers’ report, Computer Science dominant

Bridging from college to career is not always easy, and this is especially true for recent college graduates. In an effort to provide guidance and information to assist with important decisions about career choices, UC San Diego Extension has assembled the fifth annual edition of “Hot Careers for College Graduates.” As a division of one of the leading research universities in the United States, Extension leadership possesses unique insights into the ever-changing global economic trends that shape the contemporary job market. A key role for us is sharing timely, accurate, useful assessments of rapidly changing employment opportunities for recent college graduates in such breakthrough career
paths as life sciences, technology, and health care.

CSTA Chapter Meeting Summary

The San Diego chapter of the CSTA held its quarterly meeting Wednesday evening at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. We had a great turnout and a few lively discussions.

New leadership was chosen. Here are the results:

  • President: Joe Pistone
  • Vice President: Pat Giovengo
  • Secretary: Daniel Pearson
  • Program Chair: Jeff Sale
  • Program Committee: Ange Mason, Carol Willing
  • Membership Chair: Art Lopez

The Agenda is below. Highlights included Art Lopez presenting on the new AP CS Principles exam and the work he is doing to help shape the requirements. Jeff Sale game a demonstration of AppInventor, and Tammy Neuhaus presented some ideas she had for the upcoming Hour of Code being promoted by Code.org. We have included a link below for you to download the slide presentation used by Art Lopez containing a collection of useful links and resources:

Pilot AP CSP Course Presntation v2

Thanks to everyone for attending. Stay tuned for announcements of the next quarterly chapter meeting.

CSTA Quarterly Chapter Meeting

Please join us for our upcoming CSTA- UCSD Supercomputer Center Partnership Meeting.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
4:30pm- 6:30pm
SDSC Auditorium
San Diego Supercomputer Center
University of California, San Diego

Please join us to learn about what’s happening in the region’s community of computer science teachers, and discover some new tools and resources to support your teaching. So much has happened since our meeting last February! Be sure to bring your laptops to this meeting! By popular demand, each meeting will now introduce a hands-on featured open-source software that you can easily use in your classroom and/or teach to your students.

This meeting is really important, as we will have elections for the coming year’s board positions. Please nominate yourself (or a peer) for any position that interests you (or them). At this time of much change in the region’s secondary school curriculum, the San Diego chapter of CSTA can truly make a difference in our community, introducing computational thinking to all students, to help them succeed in any career they choose.


  • Welcome
  • San Diego CS Principles project updates and conference presentation plan
  • San Diego Pilot sites for new AP CS Principles exam (Art Lopez)
  • Emerging resources to support CS Principles (handout)
  • CS Principles Support websites tour (Jeff Sale)
  • New AP CS Principles website (demo)
  • Election of 2013-2014 CSTA Board Officers
  • StudentTECH Instructor JobFest (Discussion and Planning)
  • Georgia Tech Summer Planning Workshop and Seed Fund Grant Opportunity
  • App Inventor Tutorial (Jeff Sale)
  • Old Business
  • New Business (next meeting’s date and agenda)
  • Around the table