2,000 year old, heavily encrusted, clocklike mechanism—dubbed the “world’s first computer”

From the University of Puget Sound: The two researchers published a paper advancing our understanding of the Antikythera Mechanism, an ancient Greek mechanism that modeled the known universe of 2,000 years ago. The heavily encrusted, clocklike mechanism—dubbed the “world’s first computer”—was retrieved from an ancient shipwreck on the bottom of the sea off Greece in 1901. […]

2014-2015 San Diego Mayors’ Cyber Cup

Open to middle & high school students within Southern California [Mayors’CyberCup_2015] Cyber Cup Goals Encourage students to learn more about information assurance and computer security Provide an educational venue in which students are able to apply the theories and practical skills they have learned Foster a spirit of teamwork, ethical behavior and effective communication both […]


Exploring STEM Careers Initiative (ESCI) is a National Science Foundation funded grant to San Diego State University Research Foundation in collaboration with San Diego Science Alliance. ESCI engages 6th -12th grade school districts and school sites, STEM mentors, institutes of higher education, and community partners in STEM engineering challenges during out-of-school-time. These include: Botball–Student teams […]

ACSL Computer Challenge

ACSL has divisions tailored to all levels of student computer science expertise.  Most divisions have a take home programming problem but the ACSL classroom division is 10-question test with no programming required. Questions like the questions below can easily become a part of a CS class or club.  There is a complete set of sample […]