Lost Interview of Steve Jobs

The Lost Interview of Steve Jobs finds him at a moment in 1995 when he was fired from Apple and had not yet returned to lead the company to become one of the greatest companies in history. The movie is an extremely captivating glimpse of the man’s raw intelligence and perspectives on life and business. This is an hour-long interview of Steve Jobs in his younger years, long before the iPhone, and a great movie to show to high school students interested in art, science, advanced manufacturing or business.

When asked about programming, Steve remarks that using a computer is an enriching experience that teaches you how to think in a different way: “Using them to be a mirror of your thought process, to actually learn how to think. In other words I think the greatest value of learning how to …I think everybody in the country should learn how to program a computer… because learning a computer language… teaches you how to think.” “I view computer science as a liberal art, it should be something that everybody learns, you know takes a year in their life, one of the courses they take, you know, is to learn how to program.”