MobiSocial Computing Lab at Stanford University

The MobiSocial Computing Lab at Stanford University is pleased to announce a video competition for high-school students, as a first-step in our high-school outreach program.

We are inviting high-school students to show off their imagination with a short video, no longer than 3 minutes.  You are encouraged to collaborate and enter the competition as a group.  There will be two awards: the People’s Choice and the Judges’ Choice Award.  Each winning group will receive a $1000USD scholarship, thanks to our sponsor Google.  Submit your video at  by May 20, 2013.

Why Imagine Mobile?

Our research lab is in an excellent position to get high-school students interested in computer science. Our research focus is mobile and social, two topics that young people are interested in. In addition, we have developed various app platforms that make it easy to create mobile and social games. How cool would it be if a student can create a game that he or she can play with a friend on their mobile phones!

As a first step, we want to invite high-school students to brainstorm about future mobile experiences. Students only need to submit a concept video — there is no need to know anything about programming. We want to get their creative juices flowing, help them tinker and they will naturally want to take programming courses to learn more.

More information about the Stanford MobiSocial Lab can be found at

Email contact: Joy Kim