Google CS4HS Initiative

The College of St. Scholastica is pleased to announce that it will be offering a free 4-week online workshop on using Android App Inventor, supported through Google’s CS4HS initiative (  App Inventor is free software used through your browser to create cell phone apps by snapping together blocks of code (see demo at  It is an engaging and fun way to interest middle school, high school and college students in computing.  The workshop will begin on June 30th with a Getting Started unit on how to use the course tools and be followed by 4 weekly units on integrating App Inventor into curricula, finishing the last week of July.  This workshop is particularly relevant to those just beginning to include computing in their curricula.

Workshop Goals:

  • – to provide computing education professional development to educators
  • – to create a network of teachers interested in computing education
  • – to share best practices for computing in 5-12th grades, including inclusive pedagogy for underrepresented groups
  • – to empower educators to advocate for computing education in their community

Participants completing the workshop will earn continuing education credits and those completing a follow-up project with students have the option of earning low-cost graduate credits.

Interested? See more details and register online at

Please forward this announcement to your professional development coordinator and others that might be interested in participating.

Thank you,
Jen Rosato,
Chery Takkunen,