The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee is offering free workshops to computer science educators to occur on July 21 in Anaheim in conjunction with the SIGGRAPH 2013 conference.  To make expenses of travel worthwhile and to introduce the conference experience to those who have never attended, we are offering participants who teach middle school and high school computing a complimentary conference registration.

The two workshops are based on successful pilot programs created and taught to high school students at Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, TX.
Processing as an Introduction to Java

A graphics and art oriented introduction to computer programming taught by Dr. Ginger Alford of Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, TX.
Drawing Machines

An introduction to embedded microcontroller programming and physical computing
taught by Dr. Erik Brunvand of the University of Utah.

More information and registration available at: www.buildingsteam.org


Ginger Alford, Ph.D.
Director of Computer Sciences          email: alfordg@trinityvalleyschool.org
Trinity Valley School                          direct: 817-207-9196
7500 Dutch Branch Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76132