San Diego Quarterly Meeting (May 2014)

The San Diego CSTA held its quarterly meeting Memorial Day week at UCSD’s Supercomputer Center. Some of you may be aware of legislative bills with large potential changes in Computer Science K-12 education curricula and requirements. Our agenda included:

Guest Presentations

  • Dr. Diane Baxter: “Supply Side” – Brief analysis of current educational institutions’ supply of needed talent in Computer Science for San Diego and California
  • Bill Riedy: San Diego Maritime Alliance “Demand Side” – Brief analysis of current needed talent in Computer Science for industry in San Diego and California (Blue Jobs/Blue Economy)
  • Jason Weisz: from the office of Toni Atkins, Speaker of the CA State Assembly and District 78 rep (lower San Diego coast) regarding various proposed legislation [see below] on CS curricula in the K-12 system (discussion)


  • AP Computer Science: Principles status under the National Science Foundation grant
  • ComPASS CS Principles CE21 San Diego
  • UCOP (Ray Kinne’s promotion of the AP Principles pilot course to A-G UC status)
  • Women’s International April 26th Hackathon @ CSUSM (Dr. Youwen Ouwang CS/CSUSM)
  • Ange Mason: Upcoming Summer Institute @ San Diego Supercomputer Center report

Summertime personal development/project ideas

  • Google’s $100-$2,500 offer to any high school teacher mentoring Kahn academy’s online tutoring in programming for 5 or more high school girls– nice summer occupation for students that earns your classroom money to use as you see fit
  • Kevin Bowen of Porpoise Robotics / Office of Naval Research for middle & high school students
  • Intros to Mobile Programming Tutorials: MIT AppInventor2, Wenderlich, AppCoda
  • Arduino / Raspberry PI & Mathematica
  • Computer Based Mathematics
  • San Diego STEM Symposium (Sept 22,23)


Computer Science BillsSix bills before the state Legislature would make computer science a more significant part of the K- 12 curriculum in California.Source:
Bill     Offered by                  Bill description
AB 1764 Joan Buchanan, D-Alamo, Kristin Olsen, R-Modesto Bill would authorize school boards to award students a third year of math credit for satisfactory completion of a computer science course.
AB 1530 Ed Chau, D-Monteray Park Bill would add computer science to the required course of study for grades 1 to 6.
AB 1539 Curt Hagman, R-Chino Hills Bill would require California Board of Education to adopt computer science standards for grades 7 to 12.
AB 1540 Curt Hagman, R-Chino Hills Bill would allow high school students to earn computer science credit through a local community college.
AB 2110 Phil Ting, D-San Francisco Bill would require California Board of Education to include computer science content in existing curriculum frameworks.