Porpoise Training Opportunity

PORPOISE Robotics _Train the Trainer05

PORPOISE ROBOTICS “Train-the-Trainer” is a 2-day intensive course that immerses the teacher/trainer in robotics and includes hands-on design, building and programming. This introduction to Mechatronics covers basic robotics principals including the Arduino microprocessor, C++ coding, sensors and effectors.

Most STEM Teachers are well versed in Math, Science, Technology and teaching methodology, but often lack engineering experience, according to PORPOISE ROBOTICS Vice President of Education and Technology, Kevin Bowen. Many teachers say: “I’m not an engineer, and I don’t understand computer programming, electronic circuits or mechatronics”. PORPOISE ROBOTICS is designed to bridge that gap, providing a curriculum for daily and after-school robotics programs for middle, high school and community college teachers.