Gov Brown signs SB 1200

From CalChamber:

“Three bills have gone to the Governor that demonstrate the state’s commitment to this important, growing sector of our economy. AB 1539 would provide K-12 teachers with a framework to teach their students computer science if they so choose, and also ensure that computer science curriculum is rigorous and uniform across the state. AB 1792 and SB 1200 both will encourage high school students to take computer science courses by increasing the availability of computer science courses that fulfill a graduation requirement and also meet an entrance requirement for the University of California.

Taken together, all three of these bills will result in more student being exposed to coding early on in their education careers, which should generate more enrollments in related courses at the post-secondary level. Employers, in turn, will benefit from a larger pool of qualified workers who possess skills that are relevant to today’s economy.”

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