Cyber Technology Academy

Sandia National Laboratories has announced its Cyber Technology Academy (CTA) is providing a free 1-Week Teacher Boot camp to be held from June 22 – June 26 in Livermore California.

CTA is a high school training program for students interested in learning computer science and cyber security. The CTA focuses on hands-on learning and is taught by industry leaders at Sandia national Labs. At the Teacher Summer Bootcamp teachers will learn the same hands-on skills taught to students and will be provided free course materials and lessons.

The course, called Introduction to Cyber Technologies, provides instruction in how computers talk to each other, what IP addresses, packets, and cookies really are, and how the backbone computer infrastructure of the Internet works.

Registration for this summer’s Teacher Bootcamp is now open. Teachers or School Administrators who wish to register for this summer’s Teacher Bootcamp should fill out the application form.

For more information, contact CTA staff by email at: