Mini Supercomputer Raspberry Pi inservice

sdswOne of the San Diego CSTA Skunk Works projects we’ve begun developing are site teams interested in helping students build a mini supercomputer cluster out of Raspberry Pi 2s along with available materials collecting dust in those storage rooms at your site [the other project is the San Diego Mayor’s Cyber Cup Challenge]. On Saturday, December 5, we’re on for a hands-on meeting [staff only — no students for this event] at the UCSD San Diego Supercomputer Center from 9:00am to 1:00pm with Rick Wagner. Rick is the High Performance Computing Systems Manager at the UCSD Supercomputer Center… some of you may have attended the initial meeting we held at Sweetwater HS a few weeks back with Rick. So if you’d like to learn about the Raspberry Pi, Linux and creating a cluster or network, please let me know ASAP as I need a head count and to get you more information. StudentTECHIf you’re a novice at all this, even better—as long as you’re interested for yourself and students at your site. We’ll go through all the hardware and software, how to put it all together, and how/where we’ll set up a forum for help and to share ideas. We’ll also be developing a curriculum in conjunction with some UCSD CS students. While we would certainly hope you do, you are not under any obligation to create a program at your site just by virtue of having attended this UCSD in-service. Invite a colleague.

For more information or to register, please contact