Cyber Security Opportunity/Grant

Professor Chris Simpson of National University is looking for a teacher group to be involved with a possible NSF grant in Cyber Security.

“We are looking for 25 teachers with some technical skills to be a core group to provide inputs to help develop the material (I.e. How they teach, what types of tools they need etc) and then teach it. We plan on holding four two day institutes a year to collect information and teach the teachers. We’ll also have some longer training sessions in years 2 and 3. Ongoing collaboration throughout the year would be required. We are budgeting stipends to support teacher participation. Teachers would be trained and given access to the material. We plan on making the material easily available even for those that aren’t in the program.”

(1) Identifying teacher participants and schools, especially those in underserved communities.
(2) If there is interest, it would be great to have someone from a district with a leadership role in the grant (CO-PI, Senior advisor, etc.)

Besides being a professor at National University, Chris runs his own Cyber Security company and has worked with us regularly here at the San Diego CSTA. If you would like more information, please contact Chris.

Chris Simpson
Tel: 619.865.7294