American Computer Science League

Register as a new member for the contests of the American Computer Science League (ACSL) and get a FREE contest question CD. The CD contains 27 questions and solutions from our category list and 20 original programming problems with solutions.

Our NEW Elementary Division introduces students in grades 3-6 to the introductory concepts in Computer Number Systems, Prefix/Infix/Postfix Notation, Boolean Algebra, and Graph Theory in a classroom environment or outside of school as an enrichment opportunity. This Division will only involve 5 short problems per contest and no programming problem.

Most other CS contests are geared for just your very best students. ACSL has three other divisions for teams of students:

  • Junior for students in grades 6-9,
  • Intermediate for first-year, high school programmers, and
  • Senior for experienced, post-AP level programmers.

ACSL even has a Classroom Division that does not require programming with 10 questions per contest from three or four different categories each time.

It is possible for smaller schools to participate by registering for a 3-person team or choose a 5-person team for larger CS programs. Most of all, every student who participates will have an opportunity to learn valuable computer science concepts and develop strong programming skills that will serve them well in the future.

All schools can submit a team score for each contest representing their top 3 or 5 students regardless of how many actually participate.  Schools will be ranked internationally in each division and an invitational All-Star Contest will be held every Memorial Day weekend in a different U.S. location as a team competition.

ACSL is in its 39th year of offering creative contests with new short problems and programming problems every year.  It is not only approved by CSTA, but also the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

There is a lot more information including a registration form, a slide show introducing the new Elementary Division, and a complete set of contest questions for all of the ACSL divisions on the website at

Email any questions to  We promise to answer quickly!