You’re Invited to Experience Algorithmic Geometry

San Diego County Mathematics and Computer Science high school teachers and Math/STEM curriculum leaders are invited to a workshop on April 13 to experience Algorithmic Geometry, an exciting new course for high school students.

Designed for STEM college-prep students (grades 11 and 12), Algorithmic Geometry provides a one-year learning experience in advanced geometry (2D and 3D) with Java algorithm-solving, computer graphics, and applications-rich project-based learning (PBL).

The free, one-day workshop is hosted by the San Diego Math Network and UC San Diego’s Super Computer Center. Pierre Bierre, Algorithmic Geometry course developer, is the workshop leader.

Algorithmic Geometry Workshop participants will:

  • Increase their knowledge and gain deeper understanding of Algorithmic Geometry through hands-on computer lab activities.
  • Discover how to incorporate Algorithmic Geometry into school math curriculum. The one-year Algorithmic Geometry course is approved as “c” Advanced Mathematics, and qualifies under new UCOP policy to be offered as an Honors course. This class can serve as a substitute AP mathematics class for students and is accepted by the University of California. Students do not need prior programming experience to take the class.

The Algorthimic Geometry course is ideal for schools with the following supports:

  • The math curriculum development staff are proactive, innovative, and seek to reach beyond Common Core 2. 
  • The school already teaches Computer Science (IT experienced with supporting student programming and can recruit student TAs who know Java 2).
  • There are a sufficient numbers of STEM college-prep students to fill a 30-seat section every year.
  • The school can host a math course in a computer lab. A laptop cart is sufficient if laptops come with graphics accelerator (required for 3D).

Space is Limited — Register Now
Workshop teachers will participate in lab learning time in the morning. Math/STEM curriculum development leaders or school/district adminstrators are invited to join the teachers at 11:30 a.m. for a lunch presentation by AlgoGeom alum Mikhil Mather, a UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering undergraduate. Mikihil will answer questions and share insights from a STEM college and career perspective on the benefits of learning Algorithmic Geometry. Participants will also learn the nuts and bolts of implementing the course into their master schedule.

A workshop agenda, parking permit and driving directions to the UC San Diego Super Computer Center will be sent to you when you register.

For more information on Algorithmic Geometry, watch Pierre Bierre’s CSTA 2016 AlgoGeom Talk.

We look foward to seeing you on April 13!