Free CS Training July 15-20th!

From our friends at Bootstrap World:

Free Computer Science Training, July 15-20th!

By now, you’ve seen the announcement from the Infosys Foundation:“Infosys Foundation USA to Host FREE Computer Science Training for over 800 Public School Teachers in Summer 2018”. 

Bootstrap will be there, and we’re training select teachers on our brand-new Data Science curriculum, for students in grades 8-12

Are you a social studies teacher, whose students are talking about the impact of the electoral college?

Are you a business teacher, whose students study sales data?

Are you a stats teacher, who is looking to bring linear regression to life?

Are you a CS Principles teacher looking for a rigorous unit on Data?

We see students as natural Data Scientists. They’ll argue passionately about which restaurant is best, which singer is the most talented, which athlete is the GOAT, etc…and they quickly turn to data to back up their conclusions. Our introductory Data Science module meets students where they are, teaching them to apply real-world data science skills to answer questions they care about and to write a real research paper about their findings.

The Bootstrap: Data Science module is designed to integrate smoothly into each of these courses, reinforcing the content you already teach by giving students the skills to get their hands dirty with real data. And as an introductory class, Data Science can be used with students who’ve never programmed before. As with every Bootstrap module, our Data Science curriculum comes with all the batteries included: detailed lesson plans, a complete student workbook, as well as sample code, starter files, a slide deck, and standards alignment.

Free trainings fill up fast. We know.

As one of our partners, we want to make sure that your teachers can take advantage of this opportunity to get access to Bootstrap: Data Science. To make this possible, we can reserve space for up to five of your teachers, as long as they apply before January 15th.

How to apply:
1) Contact us ASAP to tell us you want to reserve your spots!
2) Have your teachers sign up at
3) Once they’ve applied, let us know their names so that we can keep an eye out for them.

Data Science is the Next Big Thing in CS Education, and we’re proud to be the first national provider to offer an end-to-end Data Science curriculum. We can’t wait to share it with you, and we’ll see you in Bloomington!

Emmanuel, Emma, Ed, Shriram and Kathi
Bootstrap World

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